3 Reasons Why No Medium is an Island

Deciding whether to invest your marketing dollars in digital or traditional communication can be difficult. Our constantly connected culture creates the illusion that all prospecting and lead generation opportunities exist on digital platforms but you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket just yet.

Social media platforms and purchased website space play an essential role in your strategic communications plan, which may tempt you to allocate all or most of your marketing dollars to the digital space. The Swim team believes that “no medium is an island.” Traditional techniques (i.e. direct mail, look books, brochures and flyers) are still an effective way to connect to your audience for three reasons.

You’re Communicating With Humans, Not Robots

Digital marketing allows you to personalize the consumer experience using analytics. This provides useful insight to their buyer needs and behaviors. Traditional marketing complements and reinforces that relationship by translating that personal connection into a tactile experience. Well-designed print collateral enables you to physically communicate the value of your brand, product or service. It provides your customers with a tactile representation of the quality of service you provide, adding credibility to the promises you make in the digital world.

Print Marketing is Code for Bait

Lead generation is a two way street. Either you capture information from your current site users so that you can send them targeted communication, or you use  traditional methods to drive traffic to your website. Both strategies turn leads into actual customers, especially when used together. The key to transforming traditional marketing into a valuable lead generation tool is simple: create engaging content that gives the reader just enough information to pique their curiosity. Remember to include a compelling call to action to lead them to a landing page that delivers on that print material’s promise.

Relationships Require Communication

Now that you’ve made a connection and enticed your potential customer to visit your site, it’s time to start building a lasting relationship. Assuming your landing page is up to date, visually appealing and contains all the information you promised them via direct mail (hint, hint), they are ready to make a purchase. This is your opportunity to establish a long-lasting communication loop using  a combination of digital and traditional techniques. Personalized thank you cards, for example, create an opportunity for their next purchase or interaction. Use it to ask them about their experience and establish a feedback loop. By doing so you communicate your commitment to meeting their needs. Drive them back to your site by offering some sort of incentive like an exclusive look at an upcoming product or service. Sign them up for rewards or a discount on their next purchase. Get creative!

At this point they’ve established that traditional messaging is an effective way for you to reach them. Use print communication to continuously loop them back to digital spaces where you can collect more information for an increasingly personalized experience. This lays the foundation for a long-lasting consumer relationship.

Integrated marketing is the name of the game. Digital marketing gives you insight that allows you to establish relationships with consumers, but don’t kick traditional methods to the curb. Print communication is a valuable complement that creates a physical connection and increases your return on your marketing investments as a whole. Add innovative design and clear messaging, and you have all the ingredients for the “secret sauce” of effective marketing.