Behind the Scenes of Swim Digital Group

We want to take the time to make sure our audience knows exactly who we are and what we do at Swim Digital Group. It’s easy to sum ourselves up as a marketing consulting firm, but we truly are much more.

We’re Collaborative

Swim Digital Group currently employs eight people, so every person has a hand in every project we take on. It’s dire to us that we work as a team, with every moving part being as important as the next. The open floor plan of our office allows us to converse and collaborate when necessary. We value the input of each employee because it brings us diverse perspectives. No project is the idea of a single person, but the critically thought out ideas of each member of the Swim team.

We’re Creative

We are a marketing firm that mainly works with colleges and universities, but it’s important to upkeep the creative edge required at a digital marketing agency. We are here to provide a different point of view that helps businesses – educational, non-profit, or private sector – solve issues that appear unsolvable. We know that each business is different, so we mold our strategies and tactics based on the client’s wants and needs.

We’re Serious

We don’t take our business lightly. Although we are part of a creative industry, it’s important to us to maintain professionalism and promptness. One of our manifestos states, “We approach all of our work as if it were the defining moment for our clients.” There is no client that is top priority; ALL of our clients are a top priority.

We are very proud to have a team that is here to do what they love as Swim Digital Group grows and progresses. And now you know; we are a digital agency that’s a little different.