Social Media Tactics to Attract Millennials

It’s becoming more and more difficult to catch your audience’s eyes on social media because of the tsunami of information thrown at them every time they open their news feed. In a world where skimming is more common than actually reading, we have to be creative with the way we catch attention, especially with millennials. The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is the group of people that were born between about 1982 and the early 2000s. Here are four social media tactics you can utilize to better attract this diverse and interesting audience.

Photos and GIFs

The likelihood that a person stops to look at your post if it lacks a picture is slim to none. Words don’t catch eyes anymore – pictures do. Even when you do post a picture, it’s likely the text part of your post isn’t being acknowledged. So make your pictures count. Throwing in an animated GIF image or two in the mix doesn’t hurt either. GIFs are short, silent clips – usually humorous – that are fitting for this audience’s short attention span.

Embedded links

Millennials, among other audiences, are more likely to click on an embedded link than a text link. Embedded links provide a picture and a gist of what you’ll find within that link. The information your audience receives before they click the link will help them decide if they even want to do so.


Infographics provide a quick, simplified version of information – nothing attracts millennials like quick and simplified. Using infographics for social media allows your younger audience to quickly find and understand information without needing to open a link. Although millennials have the reputation of being lazy, they actually enjoy learning new information and being informed.

Keep it short

Millennials don’t want to spend time looking for your information; they want you to put it right in front of them. Remember to keep your social media content concise, accessible, and scannable. Can your audience quickly glance at your post and know what it’s about? If so, it’s considered scannable, but if they’re required to read more information to gain an understanding, don’t count on it.

Millennials are a very interesting audience. They’re intelligent, adventurous, and savvy; however, they’re also distracted and impatient. It’s your job as the marketer to virtually put your content directly in their hands, so they have no choice not to notice it.