Improving your student experience.

As the focus on student success becomes more paramount, colleges and universities are taking proactive measures to understand the results of their recruitment and retention efforts in order to identify ways to grow enrollment and increase retention.

Solutions to your challenges already exist within your framework. 

We immerse ourselves in your culture to bring those solutions above water. 

This approach allows us to identify with your organizational climate to identify and recommend solutions that deliver results. We deliver proven strategies that guide students from their first college inquiry through their walk across the graduation stage.

How we do it.


The human factor needed to engage prospects and retain current students is often an afterthought for educational institutions. For some students, the online enrollment process and online learning experience are handled completely in the digital space. We collaborate to define your students’ actual online experience, develop workflows, and identify paths to entry and student completion – enabling your college to put the students first.


The quality of services provided by your recruiting, admissions, advising, and enrollment teams directly correlates with enrollment outcomes. Poor customer service, both internally and externally, affects more than just morale, it impacts your students’ experience and the reputation of your institution. We execute secret shopping and deliver reports that arm you with data to review and evaluate current practices in order to identify areas of opportunity. This service gives you an in-depth understanding of the experiential gap, defining the perceived path versus the actual student interaction.


Enrollment growth requires retaining current students in addition to recruiting new students. A lack of focus on customer service can negatively impact an organization, especially if students do not know they are valued and a part of your college family. The quality of service and support they receive enables them to achieve their personal and educational goals. Swim defines what customer service means for your college through taskforce development and training initiatives, laying the groundwork for a paradigm shift within the institution. Breaking down silos to achieve cross-departmental efficiencies and college-wide communication creates a positive environment where everyone, from groundskeepers to senior vice presidents, is dedicated to superior customer service.


Defining a solid onboarding process creates a foundation for current students so they are off to a smart start. The failure to institute best practices results in decreased enrollment, retention, persistence, and graduation outcomes. Swim provides a thorough analysis of your onboarding process, including current people, processes, and technology. The data uncovers college-wide opportunities for implementation of scalable and sustainable solutions which optimize and streamline processes, and allow for technology integration resulting in improved student success.


Strategic Consulting

We specialize in higher education and understand the unique issues faced by colleges and universities in today’s ever-changing environment. If you need advice with one specific area or you need assistance with a range of college-wide issues, we have the skills and expertise to help you identify and implement solutions to meet your goals.









Process and Communication Reengineering.


A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system is among the most strategic pieces of technology an organization institutes. For a successful implementation, a CRM must complement the abilities of people and processes connected with it. As a vendor neutral firm, Swim works with key stakeholders in the selection and deployment process. We provide template design and backend development, plus implementation of communications plans and workflows for a successful deployment of a college-wide CRM.



Collegiate prospects represent multiple types of prospect personas at different stages in their lives, requiring personalized communications. To attract and successfully convert leads, it is crucial to engage with prospects at the initial inquiry stage through graduation. Swim outlines the process and develops the tools to cultivate authentic relationships where students feel welcome and a part of the collegiate family. With the execution of strategic communication plans across multiple channels, we provide you with the framework to leverage technology and the human-factor to ensure outreach efforts are personal, timely, and relevant evoking the actions needed to move students through the enrollment process.


Colleges trust us to refine their student experience.


Our digital and print services deliver an integrated experience designed for student success.