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A Snapshot of #BCProud 

Since video has proven to be one of the most effective communication channels for students both current and prospective, we wanted to take advantage. Broward College commissioned us to capture some snapshots of student life and culture and to address frequently asked questions from students.


SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment


We developed a promotional campaign for SeaWorld's corporate partner, Cinemark Theatres. Through creative assets placed on cups, popcorn bags, posters and theatre signage, moviegoers were exposed to promotional content and calls-to-action including a  chance to win a trip to SeaWorld through a text message contest.


Holiday Giveaway Website

For this 2011 Holiday campaign, we created a giveaway promotion, website landing page and its custom entry submission database for SeaWorld. This giveaway created a database of stakeholders and constituents of SeaWorld's wide network of partners.


Growth By Social

Social media strategy develops engaging, authentic relationships with your audiences. Those relationships are what we use to pivot your organization in the best direction.

Social media is the ultimate tour guide to your brand and forms the public perception of your organization. While many get left behind, we get you ahead of the curve.

Your brand is important. Your connection with your audience matter just as much.
We'll help you make the most of them.


Venture Formula @ Broward College

To introduce the Broward College Venture Formula initiative into the digital space, we set out to create a fresh landing page that differentiated Venture Formula and communicated its place within the South Florida market.

With a highly interactive layout and brand-centric color scheme, this project was designed with purpose and brevity.


A microdonating campaign for The Spring of Tampa Bay

In 2014, The Spring of Tampa Bay embarked on a capital campaign to build an additional residence hall on the campus in order to provide an additional 26 beds for women and children. The Spring engaged Swim to create β€œHe Loves Me Not,” a digital storytelling campaign which illustrated the literal face of a domestic violence victim and their mental journey from abused to survived. Generating awareness among the greater Tampa community and garnering volunteers and prospective donors through micro donating efforts were among the goals of the multimedia campaign.